Fresh Sea Water Mist 150ml

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Brand: Algologie
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Enveloping your skin in a genuine breath of marine life, the Fresh Seawater Mist contains the quintessence of the sea in a skin care solution.


Made of 100% Exclusive Algo3 Complex, this energising mist meets the 3 fundamental needs of the skin thanks to its remineralising, moisturising and antioxidant actions.


This marine concentrate is used before skincare creams to prepare the skin and boosts the efficiency of the next treatments, but also throughout the day for an energising effect.

All skin types but sensitized.


Spray generously at 50cm away from the face before the day or night cream, before or over the make up, after sports, on travel, in all overheating spaces and as the last touch in the evening.

- Gulf Stream Seawater


- Chondrus Crispus


Alaria Esculenta

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