Exfolia Microfibre Cloth (Disposable)

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Brand: Exfolia
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Same high tech product as the popular Exfolia miracle cloth. Handy Dispenser Box. Uniquely formed ultrafine fibers literally scoop dead cells, dirt, and impurities from skin without chemicals or dangerous acids, crystals or machines. Remove makeup, wash and exfoliate - in one efficacious step! Fast, safe, economical and beautiful!  Exfolia products offer cleaner, healthier, smoother, glowing skin via a safe and sensible natural path.

Benefits include:

- Non-allergenic

- For all skin types & ethnicities

- No chemicals, crystals, machines

- Safe, simple, instant results

- Smoother complexion in 2 minutes - guaranteed!

- Results superior to expensive spas

Try the "1 Minute Test" For a Beautiful Surprise:

1. Rinse Beauty Cloth EXFOLIA with warm water.

2. Add your favorite cleanser & wash one cheek with Beauty Cloth EXFOLIA with no more 10 gentle strokes.

3. Wash the other cheek as you normally do & rinse.

4. Towel dry and compare cheeks - feel the amazing improvement in smoothness!

Beauty Cloth Exfolia DISPOSABLE 20 can help to make complexions smoother without any chemicals. Skin can look brighter, cleaner, and more youthful.


Recommended for: All skin and ethnic types

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