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Balance Balm 100ml
Naturally pure, the Alpine herbal extracts in this balm provide harmony to the skin, whilst Evening ..
Ex Tax: £13.33
Calendula Balm 100ml
The special combination of ingredients helps to keep feet protected from any infections. Its is an e..
Ex Tax: £12.50
Callus Reducing Cream
This soft, long lasting and easy to use emulsion visibly and effectively removes calluses. The combi..
Ex Tax: £14.17
Chlorophyll Balm 100ml
This balm will protect against soreness, burning feet and blisters, particularly after any physical ..
Ex Tax: £13.29
Dead Sea Salts (granules) 150g
Using the power of Alpine Herbs and Natural Sea Salt, this treatment was created to relieve any irri..
Ex Tax: £8.92
Elegance Exfoliating Foot Scrub 50ml
Based on sea salt, this exfoliator is combined with Alpine Lavender and Alpine herbs to remove flaky..
Ex Tax: £6.63
Finesse Balm 100ml
This lightly fragranced foot balm gently cares for tired feet. Its innovative and effective formula ..
Ex Tax: £13.33
Foot Balsam Extra strong (Schrunden) 100ml
The highly effective Extra strong foot balm is to be used for chapped, rough skin.  It works as..
Ex Tax: £16.62
Foot Balsam Lavender 100ml
A soothing and relaxing balm that will protect and hydrate your feet, restoring them to their full h..
Ex Tax: £10.62
Foot Deodorant with Fungicide
The antiseptic characteristics of this deodorant eliminates the bad odours and help to prevent the r..
Ex Tax: £14.71
Forte Foot Balsam 100ml
General all purpose foot cream. Forte Foot Balsam is an all round every day foot cream that acts as..
Ex Tax: £13.75
Freshness Fluid 200ml
Sixtus Fit Freshness Fluid gives an immediate cooling and invigorating effect whilst also refreshes...
Ex Tax: £12.46
Freshness Gel 100ml
Gives a warming effect that protects against stiffness and cramp. Leaves a non-oily residue, perf..
Ex Tax: £11.67
Leg Vital Gel 100ml
This balm is a daily leg care balm, highly recommended for the wellbeing of tired and heavy legs and..
Ex Tax: £13.75
Liquid Soap 100ml
Particularly suited for sensitive or delicate skins, this soap moisturises the skin to re-establish ..
Ex Tax: £4.79

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