Nail Magic Large 15ml

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Nail Magic Hardener & Conditioner is a unique blend of ingredients which stimulates healthy and beautiful nail growth while strengthening and conditioning. 

Nail Magic Nail Treatment and Conditioner has been proven effective in the treatment of Thin Nails Weak Nails Splitting Nails Peeling Nails Damaged Nails Chipping Nails. Long, strong nails in six weeks


Shake bottle well. Clean nails thoroughly with polish remover (preferrably acetone remover), this should also be done every time you apply new coats. (treat as if you were changing your nail polish)

If using nail magic as a base coat, apply one coat only. Then apply your nail color and another coat of nail magic as the top coat.

If using nail magic only, apply two thin coats.

Use nail magic twice a week, removing the old with remover before applying the new coats, for the first eight weeks.  After the eight weeks you then continue use once a week.

Follow Directions carefully and apply nail magic sparingly to the nail surface only.

If you prove to be allergic to this product, stop using immediately (common indicators include rash, burning and irritation in the nails) remove with nail polish remover and soak in ice water for several minutes.
Artificial nails can cause severe damage. Allow 2-4 weeks for recovery before using Nail Magic.
Keep out of reach of children
Flammable, Keep away from open flame

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