Flash Instant Manicure 125ml

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This wonderful product leaves hands feeling as if they have just been pampered and cherished in just a few minutes.

FLASH Instant Manicure is a complete treatment. It moisturises and exfoliates your hands but also helps with dry damaged cuticles and nails, using a combination of Essential oils such as Lavender Oil, Citrus Oil and Avocado Oil. Instantly hands and cuticles are softened and brightened. It is a treatment, which not only moisturises and softens hands but due to its gentle exfoliating action using Dead Sea Salts and Mineral Salts the skin is left looking brighter and more luminous.

 The fast and convenient treatment gives long lasting effects. It is suitable for use by musicians, surgeons and dentists or people who work with their hands and want to keep them in good condition. Its recommended Flash is used once a week. Professional manicurists can use Flash, The Instant Magic Manicure, as part of a manicure treatment before applying polish.


Shake the Instant Manicure well before use, so that the salts disperse into the oils.  It is important that all the properties of the product are used correctly for long-term effectiveness.
Into clean, dry hands, pour an amount of the magic manicure, about the size of a one-pound coin, into the palm of your hand.
Carefully scrub the product, vigorously if necessary, for at least one or two minutes, all over the hands.  Pay particular attention to the nails, so that the product works on the cuticles and calluses.   A soft brush can also be used.
After having scrubbed the product on your hands, rinse them with tepid water and keep scrubbing them.  Smell the aroma of the lavender and other fragrances while doing this.   Dry with a soft towel.
After this treatment, you can easily eliminate problem cuticles and lose skin by cutting or pushing towards the top of the nail.

Flash is a totally natural product, giving a prompt manicure effect using a combination of powerful and revitalising ingredients.

Active ingredients:

Essential oils such as Lavender Oil, Citrus Oil and Avocado Oil and Dead Sea Salts and Mineral Salts

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