Cover Your Gray Fill In Powder .24oz

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Brand: Irene gari
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 Instantly fills-in thinning and balding areas 
• Rain proof & sweat proof...won’t run, streak or rub off
• Washes out only when hair is shampooed normally 
• Suitable for all hair types
Formulated with Procapil
• Helps promote growth and prevent hair loss.
• Fights follicle aging
• Fortifies and rejuvenates hair with each application


Choose the shade thats closest to your hair colour. Dab the brush in the powder. Using the pointy end of the brush to create a part and apply the powder to the scalp. Work from the back forward. Be sure to stop about 1/4 inch before the hairline to avoid over coverage. Use the brush to blend it in.

See pack for details

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