Jica Lash Extensions

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Brand: Jica Lash
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Beautiful Long Lashes at your fingertips! Jica Lash Extension is a product made solely from natural lash fibres, which add length, thickness and beauty to your lashes.

This exclusive treatment gives the illusion of long, strong voluminous lashes instantly.

Available in the universal colour of Black, Jica Lash Extension is perfect for everyone, from Blonde to Brunette.

Applications could not be easier, apply mascara to lashes. While still wet, apply lash fibres with a rolling motion of the brush. Re-apply mascara. For greater thickness repeat procedure.

Easily removed with your usual eye make up remover.
If any product gets into the eye it instantly dissolves.
Jica Lash should last for 4 months if used daily. The Lash Extension does not have an expiry date so it will last until you have used the entire bottle.

Perfectly safe for contact lens wearers as Jica Lash is a natural product made from plant fibres. 

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