Deep Moisturising Body Lotion 200ml

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A uniquely soft, velvety, light blue body cream, rich in brown seaweed and gorse water that instantly hydrates, smoothes and softens even the driest skin all over the body. A far more effective cream than other body creams available in Australia and New Zealand. Amazing results when applied after effective exfoliants such as Sea Salt Body Exfoliant Gel. Can be applied over the whole body.

Alaria Esculenta: a brown seaweed that deeply hydrates the skin while adding much needed vitamins and minerals essential for the skins beauty. Also stimulates Hyaluronic Acid synthesis in the dermis.

Ulex Europaeus Extract: Also known as Gorse Water which stimulates cellular energy to instant revitalise the skin.

Sweet Almond Oil & Grape Seed Oil: Nourishing oils deeply absorbed with anti-oxidant activity from the grape seed.

Daily apply to the whole body.


Massage until complete absorption.

- Alaria Esculenta


- Gorse Water

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