Exfolia Microfibre Cloth (Reusable)

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Brand: Exfolia
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Smoother skin in 2 minutes - guaranteed when you use this miracle Exfoliation Cloth. 

Wash and exfoliate all your skin in one step. Cloths are washable & reusable for 60 - 80 applications and results are superior to expensive clinic treatments. 

For all skin types: dry, sensitive, oily, combintaion, mature, acneic. Safe. Natural. Hypoallergenic. 

Removes dead skin cells precisely and quickly without intrusion to the lower layers of the epidermis. Boosts performance of all moisturizers, creams, serums, self tans and especially whiteners because you start with the cleanest possible skin.

Consistent use will accelerate skin cell growth, increase skin tone and elasticity and you'll be able to use EXFOLIA on a daily regiment.

Try the "1 Minute Test" For a Beautiful Surprise:

1. Rinse Beauty Cloth EXFOLIA with warm water.

2. Add your favorite cleanser & wash one cheek with Beauty Cloth EXFOLIA with no more 10 gentle strokes.

3. Wash the other cheek as you normally do & rinse.

4. Towel dry and compare cheeks - feel the amazing improvement in smoothness!

Cloth is composed of patented, ultrafine, hydro-entangled, split filament, polyester/nylon 70/30 fibers. No chemicals or additives

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